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New Update: Offline Payment Types

Offline Payment Types

We've added new offline payment options:

  • Bank deposit This feature allows you to pay with a bank deposit. When choosing this option, your customer will see the details of a wire transfer when completing the order.

  • Cash on Delivery A payment method that allows customers to pay for the product upon delivery. You will receive the payment when the product will be delivered to the customer.

  • Check This option allows your customers to pay you by a paper check that you can deposit at a later time. When choosing this option, your customer can issue you a prepaid check to pay for the order with.

  • Money Order Your customers can use this feature to pay you by going to the post office or bank and purchase a prepaid check with the order amount.

  • Pay in Store A payment method where your customer will come to your physical location to purchase the item.

  • Phone Customers using this method will see your phone number when finishing with their checkout. This will allow them to call you to make the payment.

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