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New Update: E-commerce Updates

New! Wishlist 

The New wishlist tool is here! Now you can choose the products that you like and mark them for future purchase.

New! Product Reviews

Your products can get reviews now! This new tool will allow you and your clients to leave reviews of your products.

New! Product F.A.Q.

We have added an option to include a F.A.Q. with every product!

More Product Options

We have added three new product options types:

  1. Date Only
  2. Time Only
  3. Date and Time

Variants Update

Now you can edit the price, weight, and inventory for multiple variants.

Options & Attributes Update

You can choose to show the filters as open or closed in the E-commerce categories page.

Coupons Update

Now you can create a coupon for all products, specific products, or a minimum order amount. You can also limit a coupon to be used for a specific customer.

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