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New Update: Dashboard

New! Main Websites Panel

  • We launched a new and beautiful designed websites panel to manage all your sites. We also added a red notification which appears on the interface whenever there is an unread message, a blog comment, a new order or a new subscriber to a mailing list.

    Main Websites Panel

New! Website Dashboard

  • Now, each website has it’s own separate dashboard panel to manage the site's settings, domain, website activities, blog comments and more.

    Website Dashboard

New! Website Grouping Tool

  • In case you have many websites for a different purpose, now you can group similar sites in one group and manage them easier. A new folder will be added for each group.

    Website Grouping Tool

New! Add Managers to Websites Group

  • Now you can give access to others, to edit or design your website, by adding them as a manager to a specific groups of websites.

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