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Creating a New Mailing List Message

Creating a new mailing list message is the first step in sending out announcements to people who have signed up for your mailing list. 

To create a new mailing list message: 

  1. From the dashboard, click the Mailing List button. 
  2. Inside the Mailing List section, click the +Send New Message button. 
  3. Toggle Test Message On or Off - When On, you can send the test announcement to specific emails. When Off, it can be sent to your mailing list subscribers. 
  4. Schedule Mailing Time sets a time when your mail will be sent to your user/users. 
  5. Sender name is where you enter the name of the sending person or organization. The reply-to email is the email you want to receive reply messages to. 
  6. You can open the Template Selection section to choose between 3 premade templates SITE123 provides for your convenience. 
  7. Under Template Wizard, enter the subject of your email. 
  8. Choose the Logo you want to insert by uploading it or using an image from our library. 
  9. Do the same under Main image, with the ability to crop and filter the image as well. 
  10. Fill in details for your text header, and in text the body of the email message. 
  11. Under Button Link, enter the URL you want the button to forward to when clicked. 
  12. Under Button Text, enter what you want the button to say in text. 
  13. Choose a general background color and main color. 
  14. Click whether you want to Show or Hide the unsubscribe settings in the email. 
  15. At the bottom, enter Sender Name and Sender Email. You can also enter Sender Address and Phone number, but these are optional. 
  16. Click Send once done with your message and your test (or live) message will be sent.

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