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Adding 123 Contactform Page to your Website

123 Contactform lets you create contact forms or any other type of web form with this HTML form builder. It is so simple to use that only copy/paste skills are required.

To use 123 Contactform: 

  1. In the editor, click Pages
  2. Click +Add New Page - go to the bottom-most tab and click App Market
  3. You will see all of the 3rd party App Markets listed. 
  4. Click 123 Contactform to insert it into your website. 
  5. Scroll to the page and click the Edit button. 
  6. Copy and paste your application ID from 123 Contactform into the Application ID field. 
  7. You can watch the video tutorial beneath the application ID field which will show how to get this information from 123 Contactform
  8. Once done, click save.

Please note that this app is only accessible to premium (paid) websites and accounts.

123 Contactform Video Promotion

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