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New Updates: Webhooks, Abandoned Cart, and More

SITE123 has developed 7 new amazing tools to boost your business! Now you can integrate Webhooks, boost your sales with the Abandoned cart tool, display your Twitter Tweets on your website, and more. Check out our latest updates!


A Webhook is the internet’s way to integrate completely different systems in semi-real time. SITE123 now supports integration with 3rd party services via Webhooks: automatic invoices, alerts about actions on the website such as orders, submission of a form, and more. Learn how to set a webhook.

Restore Deleted Pages

Want to restore a previously deleted page or one you deleted by mistake? SITE123 will keep all your deleted pages for 30 days and you will be able to restore them with a click! Learn how to restore deleted pages.

Duplicate Pages

This new tool will let you duplicate any page you want, to help you work more efficiently when building your website. Learn how to duplicate a page.

Twitter Tweets Page

We have added a new page! You can use it to display your Twitter tweets on your website page and share them with your visitors. Learn how to display your twitter tweets.

Press Page

If you have publications that you want to show, there is no better page than the new Press page. You can add press articles about your business, website, or yourself, and share them with your visitors. Learn how to add and use the press page.

Abandoned Cart and Reminder Emails

A new tool has been added to E-commerce. You will get notified when a visitor abandons their cart in the middle of the order process, and you can set up to five automatic email reminders that will be sent to those visitors, to urge them to go back and complete their purchase. Learn about the abandoned cart tool and other E-commerce configurations.

Greeting Message

Add a popup message to greet your website visitors directly from the floating button. This is a great way to improve communication with your audience. Learn how to add a greeting message to your website’s footer.

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